Research, surveys, polls, and media data mining

Led by scientists (often volunteering academics), we perform either commercially focused (paid) and non-commercial quantitative research (easy stats, not nuclear research). We pick up facts, (apolitical and non-religious) social, market, and behavioral stats. We search for patterns, correlations, associations that bring us easily collectible evidence for our campaigns, a down-to-earth view. Do you like challenges and/or filling out the empty space in your CV?


planet Earth

Sustainable development and environmental issues

You don't need a cape to be a hero. We would welcome your support on environmental matters, what really matters to you (as a volunteer at ConstructiveWay, you choose from multiple topics of environmental issues and our currently run campaigns, whichever, whatever you want to support. We'd like to hear from you). We are curiously, decisively, and ravenously taking opportunities to collaborate on sustainable development and intervene in "hot topics".


human rights

Human rights, integration & economy, and you

You can see, hear, feel, and think about your very real life and people around you. Human rights violations and asocial (disintegrative) behaviour result in damages on GDP, health of the folk, and personal lives. People like to say to you, "it's normal", opinions (not facts or where it leads to) and a reason to leave it (e.g. this one), or philosophy. Also, witch hunts, slavery, no rights for women to vote, etc... it all used to be seen as totally normal but, now, you constitute the norms.

Human rights

What suits you

What's your (burning) INTEREST?

Besides, you've got also remote OPTIONS

People from all walks of life, WELCOME







Extraordinary activities

We don't fundraise, but instead, you can participate in social, office (e.g. creative), or scientific tasks (e.g. compsci/datasci, or socsci) or take "action"...

What you can do


In the community interest

Our volunteers are strong personalities of own opinion (brain), free will, heart, face, and constructive objectives within society, economy, and nature.

In the community interest


Make a real difference

We don't philosophize, theorize without facts, or measure diametrically. We know our shared ambitions and would like to go for it in a pragmatic manner.

Get involved

monumental experience

Outstanding experiences

Get extraordinary experiences and great, monumental references (for a really interesting CV) from a work with mass media, NGOs and govt, science, art, etc.

Monumental references

data science

Curious, exploratory, funny

Some of our research is just to spread a "message", discuss and have some fun, meantime, you can engage in traditionally serious projects.

Join research


Disclose your potential

For many reasons, you can be/show up yourself, share your excitement, dig out and develop your diverse interests, talents, skills, and/or knowledge.

Show/be yourself


Your/our freedom

In CostructiveWay, we're equal and know what "voluntary" means. We don't practice slavery and as a part of an NGO, you get some extra control over your life.


Socially social

Our activities are social and that's the motto. We don't send you into an action or any work role wherein you get imprisoned or a label of an asocial person.


Locally or/and remote

ConstructiveWay resides in London, in the UK, however, volunteers choose between virtual (online) support and in a place, physical attendance.

Constructiveway C.I.C.

Constructiveway C.I.C. is a fully legal and officially recognized organization, legislatively supported by the government, many non-governmental institutions and individual people like you for our activities of the community interest such as the environment, human rights, research, and so on... We are a non-violent, non-religious, and non-political community interest company (C.I.C.) and by any meaning you imagine, our activities are being in the best interest of society. For the difference between a charity/NGO and CIC, Constructiveway had to pass the "community interest test" and many more since forming a CIC is more bureaucratic, expensive, and (in the future) taxed than forming a classic NGO/charity, so that's why we're allowed to be in business. We're a social enterprise thus we aren't financed from taxes and don't have to lean on fundraising as a classical charity which doesn't earn on its non-profit activities from anything else than donations and taxes (they're not allowed to do anything else, they may not), meantime, we enjoy a lot of freedom, creativity, and fun. The income that we earn from pro-profit activities goes into non-profit activities (the capitalistically gained surplus, net earnings are socialistically spent on the community through our activities) and a big part thereof, it's vastly reinvested.