About ConstructiveWay

In focus on our objectives, Constructiveway is an NGO run and joined by people of constructive objectives and passion in the environment, human rights, and development (a coherent complex of interests corresponsive each other). Like you, we're just people that live our lives and very well know about real issues including the issues from your life that you can imagine around/on you, see, hear, and feel in your very real life, the things that you really think about and wanna change...    

The [hi]story

Constructiveway had been formally born (unintentionally and unassociated, on the Christmas Eve) 2019. Anyone who either found an organization or join it, the vast majority of us are motivated by the will to make a difference and practical opportunities to do it. In this case, the decision about activities was based on a pragmatic decision according to the number of connections on scientists, and so on. In 2019, the formation had been speeded up as a result of a reaction to the seen humiliation, disintegration of individuals not incomparable to apartheid in 1994, and animalistic interventions into relationships and private life (that should be protected according to Article 8 of Human Rights), but. As we have clearly stated in our objectives, not only in constructive but also in a rational way, disintegration (e.g. of disabled persons or anyone else) and many other issues of nowadays society result in heavy economic, social, and personal damages (on GDP, health of individuals, consequent expenses of NHS, private lives, employability, etc). Obviously, it shouldn't be any surprise that this can be also one of the topics of a "constructive" organization.  


ConstructiveWay C.I.C. is a fully legal, registered, and official community interest company, thus an NGO (non-governmental organization) having clearly declared its objectives (we don't have to hide our community interests, there's no reason). We're social non-profit but not a classic charity dependent on fundraising and receiving taxes, meantime, we're allowed to perform commercial activities and many more than usual charities can do. 


"Constructive way" is our motto which describes our objectives, manners, and approaches, at once. In a constructive way, we support sustainable development, natural environment, economic activity, and society...