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We welcome all applications, people from all walks of life. Meantime, not for work experience in NGOs, it's possible that we can consider related volunteering (from anywhere) as one of the factors in the hiring decision-making process. Why, is there a reason? We can provide safety, comfortable, non-stressful, and paid office jobs, however, notwithstanding, at one (a bit radical) of NGOs as a volunteer, I'd always seen many volunteers immediately ready to get all blue, undercooled, and exhausted, people getting no money or recognition (recognition that people receive for paid jobs). Always starting in 10-15 per thousands, 10-15 withstanding and often successful against billion corporations, public opinion, persuasion, and pressure of thousands, rarely also mafias sent to scarry/persuade supporters (typically, mafias wanna "protect" them or/and "unify" but different words come later). There are many people that self-devotedly, heartily, and energetically work even unpaid for our shared objectives, whereas, there was one who searched exactly for a job that we used to offer (by someone who used to dream about it) but, perhaps, suddenly found a better job (what would be great, I'm happy for it if it's so) or just didn't share our objectives, being on our side because rejected in a way which you don't really want me to describe and "for any money" (paid for incomparably easier things than what volunteers do for free). It's clear that someone who shares our community interests will be much keener to perform his/her working tasks than someone else from the opposite side. We already know who's expected to go alongside with us, take a walk of life on our side, on the side of community interests (someone who really shares our interests so also likes to support us).