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What and why we use

In Constructiveway, we use browser cookies to store information about how you use the website. In respect to the EU cookies law and/or CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), Constructiveway C.I.C. gives you to know that is delivering cookies within your browser storage. If you are not happy with it, if you are not willing to receive cookies or you decide to not give a consent, so in this case, then, you can leave the website or completely disallow the storing of cookies through your browser settings (all major browsers allow the use of cookies by default, but you can disallow it within your browser settings). You are receiving Constructiveway's and 3rd party cookies sent, or activated every time when a page is loading since Constructiveway is using Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and CloudFlare's services. Constructiveway is using analytics either with Google Analytics and CloudFlare that helps to track traffic patterns to improve our services and identify problems. 





It's a meta-cookie, so it's a cookie about cookies and the only one cookie which we really serve from our website. We serve cookies via our CDN, CloudFlare, so it must be agreed, too. Because of the "cookies law", website needs a new one cookie storing the info in your browser that a visitor agreed to the cookies policy. In a different way, pages would've to display the annoying info all the time. So, instead of zero cookies directly from us, you have got one + annoying banner which forces you to give the consent. 

CloudFlare's cookie



The "__cfduid" is a 3rd party cookie from Cloudflare (content delivery network). This cookie tries to detect spyware and malicious behavior. 

Google's cookies





Cookies from Google, 3rd party cookies served when you visit any of our pages. The purposes of these cookies are analytics (metrics) about website usage such as a count of people who visit the pages. For more info, read the Privacy Policy