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Work activities

Constructiveway is a young and growing working environment, an NGO which essentially needs to prepare a lot of visual and audio-visual materials to support our campaigns. The main activities consist of creative work with photography, movies, then personal support of our campaigns, and for your references, you can get some additional tasks. 

Starting date, salary 

This is a temporary position that will be available for the summertime 2020 (mid-July - mid-September). The pay for creative activities is dependent on experience (get in touch and ask about your particular case) and once hired for this role, once in the company, you (don't have to at all if you don't want but) can earn some extra income also on provisions. 

Partly remote

Not for totally all, but on many of the projects, you can very often work at home (as a Londoner, in many days of a week, you would save 1-3 hours/day + money for travel if you can work remotely). We'll communicate via Slack or Skype, and phone. However, the candidate is supposed to live in an approachable distance and be able to meet or/and work in person when it's required. Our core is based in London and we'll very often need to meet. 

Flexible working time

We can't cooperate without a real-time communication so our working time must (often) match, but for a part of your work which doesn't require frequent communication (e.g. graphic projects), you can choose the time when you wanna work.

Special experiences 

Despite your best guess and the weak recognition of the brand, you might be interested in some unexpected aspects of the work and facts that you don't know about. See how/why the references are special. 

Partly free hand

In graphic, photography, video and for some (minor, not major) percentage of the projects, you get the option to come with your own ideas so concept a project that you wanna work on (after an agreement on your proposals) and chose from our tasks. It's expected that it brings more creativity and performance because one can seem to think that you perform as best if you work on something that attracts and energizes you... and it can bring some interesting ideas. This is not my invention (e.g. Google had been doing it from their early startup days). In other companies, they do have a different approach, solution on how to reach improvements (they just exchange, kick-off people and they do it on a regular base). 

Company structure

At Constructiveway, you get recognition for your work, more freedom, and creativity. The company is small so this position is supposed to be less stressful than in other companies. Here, you report to a director and none else. To compare with some real-life examples, even in small companies, you're usually supervised by 3+ ("bosses") + a director and in bigger companies by 7+ and CEO. In a practice, this means that if you work with 4 people in higher functions, it often happens that you get 4 diverse points of view, 4 different (counter-productive) instructions and they piss you off that you don't work as they want. But, for ConstructiveWay, you're the important one (the only one).


If you're interested you can send us email with your CV, however, we don't really make the decision yet so it's possible that you'll wait for a few weeks.