Experiences with us

Monumental CV & experience

Constructiveway is a community interest company (not a profit-driven Ltd), we mind our supporters and prepared consecutive steps to help them in their future. 

Public sector

Within the natural activities of volunteers and employees, our people can voluntary choose to undertake tasks related to communication with mass media, other NGOs, governments and as a part of the networking, none limits you in accepting job offers. If I remember myself as a volunteer surrounded by journalists, I didn't have any problem to get attention, oppositely. I rejected to give my consent to be published in newspapers when I'd been "taking action". Meantime, another volunteer was a talkative photographer (then spokesman and director of the NGO - my ex-boss, and, consequently, he got a job as an advisor of a president (of an EU country). Another one, now, she's teaching European NGOs in Brussel and something similar happened to others. Of course, this is not gonna be the same scenario, however...


You get the option to do what academics use to do for a better job, for their employability (job-security), what works for them. However, we need to create an interesting topic which serves our lobby (our interests) and get the research signed with your name of a coauthor published, cited as much as possible. We wanna see your name on places like NCBI, etc. If it doesn't show up e.g. in New Scientists or Sciencemag, there are yet hundreds of other places. This is what people from HM (human resources) find about you in Google when you'll be sending them your CV, or in the CV. You can get easily available references also from 3rd parties that make real impact. We just need to coordinate, organize it to give the research activities weight, it can be co-authored by many but also led by scientists with heavily credited names.


Since NGOs try to make an impact on society (via any media) and a part of our official activities consist of organizing art exhibitions (to spread a "visually expressed message" of our campaigns in a non-spammy way that the folk could've found interesting), we welcome creatives which would like to show up themselves. This includes much more than just traditional art, we wanna deploy what actually works, whatever is efficient. It's a collaborative activity, your ideas and suggestions are welcome, either.


At this point, we can't promise that we get for you more companies, but we will try to get for you references from multiple companies or charities as a part of outsourced activities (if you'll require it). Thus, you would've got references from Constructiveway and also from someone else, 3rd subject.

Records (supportive proofs)

We don't limit ourselves to a few words. References from any company could be dismissed, untrusted (without any proofs, facts). If and only if you accept then we'll record, make proofs of your activities (while you agree) to create for you some evidence, your own, in-depth descriptive portfolio for future interviews.