Online volunteering


As a non-profit, we're dependent on volunteers (not merely students) and naturally, as a volunteer, you would like to get involved in particularly desired activities of your choice (for experience of any form, boredom/stereotypes, human interaction, or/and especially for activism, to get your voice). Obviously, a lot of people can't really afford to spent too much of their time with traveling (to volunteer), live isolated in too remote areas (or small agglomerations), or they're having some form of a disability, and also Google very explicitly discloses that what people search for. This gap between the supply and demand was in mind when Constructiveway had been in the phase of its formation, so instead of targeting volunteers from other NGOs to destructively compete them, so constructively, we tried to go in our own way and do more activities also online (and some of the activities even with schools) to target exactly the people that can't volunteer elsewhere (often, these are students or youth that don't work and don't know what with all the free time and their burning ambitions to change the world), to reach either a bigger spectrum of people and in more locations. So, here we're.

Categories of roles

office volunteering

Science, math, tech

We work in research (surveys, media data mining, etc). Volunteers from STEM fields are necessary incorporated in our team projects.


volunteerring experience

Art and creative

You can express your voice in multiple ways, show your talents, enjoy and share with us what you like to do as a hobby, not a forced job.


online volunteering

Activism and campaigning

As a change-driven organisation of people interested in matters that really matter, we welcome your support in our future campaigns.

Objectives (mission)

Online volunteering for students

If you're a student, freshly graduated, or disabled searching for experience (for your CV) performable in a remote manner then you could have found this useful. For our activities, there are multiple options of online volunteering for students like for example, in research and for many usual office roles related to an NGO.

Flexible volunteering

We don't enslave you, for us, it's clear how to define the term "voluntary". You can combine it all, stay in touch within virtual volunteering anywhere in the UK (the US, etc), join us just for a while or as long as you will enjoy it. For short term or a longer time, it's just up to you, we'll be flexible.

What you volunteer for

Like in any NGO (non-governmental organisation) or charity, Constructiveway is passionate in its non-profit activities, we work for our vision, ambitions beneficial for the society. In particular, we're a non-violent, non-religious, and also apolitical organization heavily run by volunteers interested in the environment, human rights, and development; therefore, our volunteers work for the same community interests shared with the vast majority of NGOs (because they are usually focused on the environment, human rights, etc). You can find in-depth details that describe our objectives (mission), about Constructiveway, our work, or the latest published posts.

Virtual and physical meetups

For online volunteering, we don't really have to meet in person while it's practical to use available ways of virtual, online communication. You don't have you join, however, in parallel, we're going to organize physical meetups in London and wherever (it can be Manchester, Nottingham, or anywhere else within the UK), where our campaigns lead us to, wherever we'll choose to perform our activities.

London office

If online volunteering isn't enough, Constructiveway has got a registered office in London (in the UK) and also a meeting room capable of accommodating our meetups, however, to be a little bit more practical, there's no reason to not use more suitable locations in the central London and in any other place that is best suited for our purpose (in particular time). Perhaps, the meetups can once take place in Westminister or High Park, another time in the north like in Camden Town, Hampstead Village, and so on... It's dependent where we need to go or what's near for volunteers, the most of our volunteers.

Get involved

You can just simply fill out the webform when you visit our page: get involved and wait for us to contact you. We'll get in touch about our new campaigns or whatever you opt-in to cooperate with us on. You can select from three choices of volunteering interests or apply for all of these 3 (the environment, human rights, and research). Human rights include related subdomains as well as other topics. 

If you have got any questions for us, feel free to contact us for clarification. Thanks! I hope we see soon.