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What We Do Here

As our main objectives, Constructiveway takes challenges in focus on the environment, human rights, and development in multiple areas of interests. Our team attempts to achieve it thru a mix of multiple activities, strategies that consist of traditional forms of campaigns, research, exhibitions, and direct approaches. For flexibility, we work in a wider cross-domain complex of topics because our topics can't exist separately without an influence between each other. We undertake activities which can look non-traditional in a comparison with the biggest NGOs, however, any enlarged spectrum of human and financial sources, performed activities, deployable tools, flexibility, and options of cooperation that can be seemed like an advantage for the community rather than another one NGO which does exactly the same as many others. For example, this can be our activities of work with data, however, it's a practical tool. In science, for scientists, what isn't measurable and/or calculable (provable) that doesn't exist and vice versa. Science doesn't mind opinions (either a few or a lot), what "somebody says", only facts and math. If there are no facts so it doesn't exist. Real matters provide facts, from this world, measurable, not just opinions. Either for our own campaigns so for non-profit and also commercial sources, under supervising, we perform more kinds of research, surveys, polls, and media data mining. Feel free to get involved or contact us if need to know more.



About our non-profit mission, our official non-profit objectives of the organization.




In a transparent manner, we publish our business plan that finances the nonprofit.




As a CIC, Constructiveway offers commercial products to earn for a nonprofit.