Research and data mining

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We provide a fit, highly competitive, hot, sexy model of commercial services and perform non-profit activities that contribute to a synergetic effect for the community interests, in the community interest. For prices, please, get in touch to get a quote (an irresistible deal) or for non-profit, get involved

What we do

data mining

Media data mining

Remarkably, as a data/comp sci field, media (e.g. Twitter) data mining is one of the top in-demand services on the market which, in contrast, for now, our offer is yet one of the lowest prices on the market.

Survey (market reserch)

Surveys and polls

For market research (either paid as a service) and some stats that might support our native campaigns for sustainable development, the environment, intergenerational efforts, and human rights.

Non-profit research

Non-profit research

In focus on our objectives, Constructiveway seems the activities of questionnaires, etc delivered with old-fashioned communication (campaigning) as a way to efficient multitasking and new opportunities.

Our team

ConstructiveWay connects scientists, academics (which want a read reserach topic), and volunteers (the teams consist of students, fleshly graduated looking for experience, academics, and people of any backgrounds for non-scientific tasks) in a collaborative effort in the community interests. The company runs as a (socialistic) social enterprise for the environment, development, human rights, and these interests also strongly participate within the topics of non-profit research and other activities financed from paid research. 

In the state of forming ConstructiveWay, one could seem to think that the vast majority of the population, rather of the people have got a lot of usual connections (e.g. someone that they go to drink, on a coffee, or sport with), but none or just a few of scientists, meantime, unintentionally, in my case it has always been oppositely. When I'd been forming ConstructiveWay C.I.C., I'd been aware of an oversight gap on the work market that doesn't offer many positions and collaboration in research (perhaps, in any field thereof). And, with my inadvertently unusual composition of contacts along with some experiences from NGOs (I used to volunteer) and enterprising, seemingly, as a result of a simply pragmatic choice rather than a hard and costly marketing effort, it comes naturally that we meet and cooperate on our mutual interests. 

Since my studies in CS (and data science as its subfield), I couldn't overlook either the market prices of a research service, deficit of companies and opportunities in data science research (data mining of social networks, etc) for students. The same situation doesn't dramatically differ in social science and many other scientific fields. One can think that it seems it's capable of financing an NGO which deliveries non-profit.

If you search either to make a difference in the name of the environment, human rights, development, or you are a company that comes for the best prices, it looks that you're in the right place.